Services and Specialties



Diez Mentzel Lawyers provides services in several areas and has important specializations in each of them.

Civil Law

Private contracts: purchase, lease ,let / Familly Issues: Divorces , child custody, pensions/ Judicial claims and litigations; financial, debt claims, insurance / Private contracts: composition, cancellation, deposit refunds.

Inheritance and Patrimony

Wills/ Legacies/ Resident and non-resident inheritance taxes for English citizens.

Real estate and mortgage Law

Assistance with the sale or purchase of property for resident and non-resident English citizens/ Representation at local Spanish banks to obtain mortgages.

Real Estate Judicial Cases

Building defects/ cancellation of contracts/ Evictions/ Communal Property Owners claims: debts, illegal buildings.

Public Administration Law

Town planning / Coastal issues / Cadastre registrations

International Law

Legal Claims regarding foreign businesses: Money claims, repossessions / Enforcement and Registration of foreign decrees: personal cases, insurance claims.

Other Administrative Services

Power of Attorney in the U.K. / Hague Apostille/ Spanish residence and tax numbers ( NIE )/ Pension management / Certificates of Law.

Tax Law

Income Declaration for non-residents/ Tax refunds / Inheritance taxes/ Property taxes/ Taxes on the sale of property/ Title taxes.